Ether-1 Masternodes

Ether-1 Masternodes

Ether-1 Masternode

We offer fully installed Ether-1 Masternodes*.

  • Purchase an Ether-1 Masternode , receiving all Ether-1 rewards generated by the node for the duration of your subscription.
  • Node upkeep, maintenance and any updates are included in the price.
  • Your node will be trackable through a service such as using the public key provided by the Ether-1 project for your Masternode.
  • All Masternode rewards will be transferred directly to your wallet address associated with the node.

*Please Note: Masternode require a collateral of 15,000 ETHO in your Ether-1 wallet. (More Info)

To order a node please visit our Store.

Updated: 19th October 2019 — 10:48 pm